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Last update: July 12


Welcome to TB-Training 
The home for Tony Brooks' boaters' technical help.


Tony has now retired from regular public course training. He will still speak at clubs and similar one off events.

The course notes will remain on this site as a help for all boaters.

He is happy to continue to offer free email support to boaters and welcomes your questions..


If you intend using the free email advice service, please read the conditions of service under Email advice for boaters. 

All content copyright A P Brooks. 

May only be reproduced for UK public education and private use unless authority is obtained from  A P Brooks.

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Boat Electrical notes
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Public Maintenance & Electrical courses

TB Training courses Ind. & small group

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Customer comments

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Email advice for boaters

Technical Q&A here

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Our technical Q&A @Canal On2.gif (3298 bytes)
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INTRODUCTORY course notes

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Some links you might find useful:-

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Well worth exploring - growing all the time. Has painting advice & some of our answers to technical questions.

B W's website for all who love and use the inland waterways - Hope you can find your way around easier than I can!

Want a good band for parties, boat festivals, river boat shuffles etc.

Try this one - listen to them swing!


Retrofit steel doors and side doors, overplating & stretches.

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Georges Canal Boating. A gold mine of information from home & abroad

RCR.gif (2891 bytes)River Canal Rescue
The home of the waterway's own AA or RAC.  Our partners in providing training for boater's

An electrical site with much useful info. This chaps actually works with it !


Download the latest regulations here

The Dutch manual sight is back - click on the Union Flag for the English version


An up and coming canal orientated discussion forum (unmoderated)

A moderated canal orientated discussion forum.
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