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We will only show a few of the comments from each year's courses, just to show that we are keeping our standards up.

Some Comments from 06/07

It has been a delight to have access to a superb trainer, rendered ideal for this work by varied experience, qualifications & insight gathered over time. The course has been invaluable. We are most appreciative.
Mr JMS RCR Maint Nottingham April 06

Ideal course that stretches form no knowledge to mid-level
Mr MD RHYC Maint March 07

Tony delivered a very comprehensive course (with a good sense of humour) which instilled confidence in me to be able to look after my diesel engine and maintain my canal boat. It was easy to understand.
Ms GW RCR Maint Beeston May 07



For all 2004/05 Courses
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection

As a female found it easy and not out of place so women donít be put off. Itís great!

Ms BM RCR maint. course 7/5/05

A thorough well planned and presented course with plenty of practical and theoretical examples to help me understand topics.
Mr HS Electrics for boaters 21/5/05

Started the course a complete duffer. Now feel I can tackle most electrical problems that would face me when out on my boat.
Mr JC Electrics for boaters

This was an excellent course. Tony made everything simple to understand and the hands on experience was invaluable. The course notes were almost worth the fee on their own.
Mr J OíH Maint (Y&C) 19/2/04

An excellent course. Would be good value at twice the cost. Very friendly & helpful tuition allowing me, as a complete novice to take home a completed anchor ! !
r MH Welding 26/2/05

A diesel course as it should be. - RYA eat your heart out. Great confidence builder.
Mr WV Maint (Y&C)7/11/04


For the First Electrical Course (2004)
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection

Some of the feedback

Mr D D
Coupled with the diesel maintenance course I am much more confident about fitting out my own boat.

Mr M S
Good value course that has cleared up some mysteries of electrics.

Mr D R
Excellent course, well presented. Learned more in the last two days than in the previous two years.

Ms S S
Plenty of practical hands on in this course. Small teams were a good idea.


For 2003/04 Maintenance Courses
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection

This is just a selection of the feedback we get

Mr D K H
The hands-on content of this course is extensive and particularly valuable.

Ms J M
An  excellent course, very professionally delivered with good access to engines etc. For hands on practice I will definitely be recommending this course to others.

Ms A E
Tony is an excellent teacher. I feel I can now talk with some authority upon narrowboat maintenance.

Mr S G
It was nice to attend a course where the lecturer did not have to keep referring to his notes.

And so they go on.


For 2002/03 Courses
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection

This is just a selection of the very good feedback we get

Mr P B
A superb course giving a thorough grounding in every aspect of major systems on board.

Ms J A
Very worthwhile - even for a complete novice. made me aware of how much needed to be thought about and an idea of how to diagnose problems and discuss them with the boat builder

Mr S K
Tony is patient and through. He delivers in the same language he has used in the course manual and that creates a link that has helped me to understand so much more about my boat.

Mr F R T
I feel that the engine is no longer a mystery and II would be able to diagnose faults if they occur.

Ms J P
being new to boating, this course has made me very confident to service and care for my narrowboat engine and batteries. It is a relief to receive advise I can trust to be correct.

Ms A P
Excellent inn terms of both content, coverage and delivery which was clear and accessible. A fine balance was struck between giving a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter and spending time on participants particular areas of interest.


For the December 1st 2001 Course
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection

Note from Tony Brooks (course tutor)
Three days before the course the Electricity Board announced they would be changing our main transformer on the Sunday and the supply would be off for up to six hours. The College supplied generators, portable lights and cables, regrettably not enough cables, so the quality of accommodation on this course left a lot to be desired. The Head of Faculty has written to all course members apologising and our quality control manager has had a bit to say about this. All other gradings were good or excellent apart from two that marked the booking organisation down. Regrettably I have little control over this. A problem with B&B addresses on the enrolment form has now been addressed and should be solved for all new applicants.

Mr. J. S. W.
Very interesting, useful & well balanced course.

Mr. S. F.
This course is absolutely ideal for non-engineers who are keen to do their own maintenance on their boats and keep them in good condition. The lecturers depth of knowledge and experience is amazing and he exudes enthusiasm for his subject. (Blushes TB)

Mr. M. H.
Excellent value for money, very instructive, best weekend I've had in ages.

Mr. S. T.
Well worth the time and money for entertainment: well worth the time and money for entertainment!

Mr. C. G.
As a non technical person with a new boat the course has given me the confidence to carry out basic maintenance, to monitor performance and to have a view on what the professional engineer or the casual observer may tell me.



For the November 2001 Course
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection

Note from Tony Brooks (course tutor)
Rather a big cockup on duplicating the feedback forms - several of the class got the front backed onto the rear and thus had no public feedback space. Once again the gradings were all good or excellent - this should not be happening!

Mr. B. D.
Everything you could possibly want to know about maintaining your boat diesel engine, in an atmosphere and group size where you don't mind asking stupid questions! Lots of practical hands-on experience - excellent value for money. (Not sure I agree with all of the first sentence TB)

Ms S. T.
Excellent value and invaluable information - this course shed essential light on the mysterious world of diesel engines.

Mr. J. J.
Informative, enlightening and excellent value for money.


For the March 2001 course
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection.

Mr. S. B.
An outstanding introduction to the world of practical boat ownership. Tony Brooks is authoritative, practical and entertaining. I shall feel so much more confident next time I lift the lid on the engine compartment.

Ms L. L.
Very useful, thank you! Excellent.

Mr. P. F.
Extremely useful - good classroom coverage & much more 'hands on' than I'd expected - excellent value for money.

B. P. Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy (Retired)
I thought I knew something about boats until I went on Tony's course. He manages to cram a lifetime's experience into two very entertaining days. Highly commended.

Note from Tony Brooks (course tutor)
I altered this course content and programme in response to the last set of course feedback forms. I do not know how, but the gradings were even higher than in February. Unfortunately the published course programme was then out of date in a few areas.

I got a few suggestions for improving the course, but most, although undoubtedly important to the individuals, were minor when viewed in context with the course. We will address one. From now on we will be using electric heaters in the classroom so we can dispense with the noisy warm air blowers.

For the February 2001 course
Original course feedback forms are available for inspection.


Note from Tony Brooks (course tutor)
The gradings given to this course on the feed back forms were all good or above (that is grade 1 or 2 out of 5 grades). These covered a number of areas important to the whole course. I was very surprised at this high grading because I felt there were some areas in which I could have done better. Improvement to these, and the customer's suggestions, will be incorporated into future courses.


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