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Subject: Oil Leak - Volvo Penta


I run a 26 year old Volvo Penta MD 7A engine in my boat. Now I detected that quite a lot of oil dropped out of the air cleaner during the operation. Is this a problem with the piston rings or what else?

Thank you in advance for your answer

Sincerely, Martin B



Dear Martin

This indicates either overfilling with oil or excess crankcase pressure, and that may indicate bore or ring wear. It may also indicate bore glazing.

I think this oil is being blown up the crankcase breather hose.

First check the oil level.

Make sure that all crankcase breathers are free (I expect you only have the one). It may have a gauze or punched metal plate oil trap in it somewhere that may require stripping & replacing. Stainless steel pan scourers make a good gauze substitute.

As long as the engine is starting and running reliably, it reaches maximum power when required and that the oil consumption is not excessive I think solving the problem may be far more trouble than the oil drip is worth. If the breather is clear and the oil level correct we are talking about an engine strip down with all its attendant costs to cure this. I think I would simply put an oil absorbing bilge mat in the engine drip tray once a year.

Tony Brooks


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