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Shureflow model 200 not pumping (shower pump)


Having removed from shower unit to clear of debris, item 'runs' but that is all. On the inlet side there is a distinct lack of 'suck'.

Regards Brian


Dear Brian

A few details about exactly what sort of pump a "Sureflow 200" is please or a photo or diagram.

If its a diaphragm pump you have a valve problem (refitted upside down, not seating etc), a leaking diaphragm, or air leaks around the body/diaphragm joint.

If its a flexible impeller pump you may have missed out the cover gasket on re-assembly, made a gasket that is too thick, missed a worn body/endplate or failed to see something jammed in the inlet or outlet.

It its a centrifugal pump, it will not suck air, it needs immersing in water and the usual cause of failure in a shower pump is a fouled impeller.

I have a horrible feeling that your pump is a domestic water pump and as such will not have valves specifically designed to pass hairs etc that a shower pump should.

I also note that both myself and another have stripped Sureflow domestic water pumps and failed to make them seal again at the diaphragm/body joint. You could try re-making the joint (if it is one of the "domestic diaphragm" type) with silicon sealer on both side of the diaphragm.

Tony Brooks


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