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Please take a look at this page. The idea is not to try to make someone feel uncomfortable, but to show you how NOT to ask a question. I can only work with the info you give me and if you do not even tell me what type of boat you have - narrow boat, grp cruiser, wooden cruiser, yacht etc. how can I be much help?

This is from a USA time zone.

My Fisherboy 20 bogs at 12, what's wrong

I have no idea what a Fisherboy 20 is or what type of engine he has, as for "bogs at 12" I can only guess what he means.



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This one expects me to act as a buying service for him and do all the Googling, phoning & chasing about for him. For anything as specific as this the first port of call must be a dealer. If that is too expensive then its going to be time consuming trying to find one second-hand.

If you are very new to boating I will try to help, but  this chap knows enough to get a gearbox number, so he should also know how to find an agent.

Subject: volvo penta gear box ms4a 26:3

Hello Canal Junction

Where can I purchase replacement for above

Iain Stewart



Dear Iain

I can only reply - A Volvo Penta agent, or if the gearbox is too old try Ebay or "Boats for under 20000" in their small adds.

You could also ask on the news groups uk.rec.sailing or depending upon what type of boat it is in.

Tony Brooks



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